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Caroling next year

Sorry, fellow Steampunks.

There was not enough interest to commit to a second Caroling outing so we will NOT be caroling again this year.

We will plan for next year, and perhaps even arrange some rehearsals and costume-making workshops in advance.

In the mean time, it looks like tea the the London Tea Room is around the corner!

Go or no-go for Saturday?

Our first expedition for caroling netted us five singers, counting myself.

We sang for Jackman's and were well-appreciated, then we did our errand of mercy and sang for a family in Granite City.

Many other things have come up since we first discussed the idea of Steampunk Caroling this year, so I must ask for actual solid RSVPs for this coming Saturday, or I will cancel the event.

The plan was to meet up at Cicero's on the loop at 3pm.

If we do this, how many singers can we count on?

I understand that everyone will have last minute Holiday obligations, so if you are not able to come I understand. Please do not RSVP if you're not sure if you can make it.

Please respond in the affirmative if you are available and wish to participate.

I hope to have a nice group to go and sing for the masses on Saturday, but I completely understand if everyone has other commitments.

By Thursday I will know who has responded, and I will make the decision as to whether to cancel the event then. Please check back if you're one of the people who "might" come but can't commit to an RSVP.

Happy Holidays, Everyone!

Steam-powered sleigh?

For those of you who were not aware, Santarchy is also this Saturday.

The idea is to dress up as Santa Claus (or an elf, or Mrs. Claus, a reindeer, or something similar) and join in on the flash mob/pub crawl.

Who organizes this? Santa.
Why do they do it? Santa.
Who are you? Santa.
Who am I? Santa.

Gift-giving is encouraged and appreciated. I've given out embroidered lace snowflakes, holiday buttons, candy canes, and liquor-filled chocolates (Though not all at the same time.) I've also given out trinkets and random weirdness.

I've seen a group join in wearing steampunk gear with winding-keys coming out of their backs, posing as "Mechanical Toys".

So if you're not in the mood for caroling, or are looking for something festive to do after the singing is done, consider joining in on Santarchy!

Schedule Final
December 13th, 2014

Soulard Breakfast (eaters choice)

09:00 Soulard Coffee Garden
09:00 Nadine's
10:30 Bus station, 12th & Russell
10:30 MetroBus: #73 (Carondelet) 12th/Russell -> Cherokee/Jefferson

11:00 Fortune Teller's
11:45 Los Punk
12:15 Yaquis
1:15 Livery Bar
2:34 MetroBus: #70 (Grand) Grand/Cherokee -> Grand/Washington

Grand Center
3:00 Dance Party at Grand Center
3:15 Dooley's
3:45 Urban Chestnut
4:35 MetroBus: #97 (Delmar) Compton/Sam Shepard Dr -> Wash/16th

Washington Ave
5:00 City Museum
6:00 The Dubliner

6:45 Jack Patricks
7:30 Crack Fox
8:30 Shuttle - Crack Fox to Nadine's $2/Santa
8:51 MetroBus: #10 (Gravois-Lindell) 14th & Pine -> Gravois/S13th St.

9:00 Nadine's
9:45 Joanie's
9:45 Bastille
10:30 Sonny's
10:30 Great Grizzly Bear
11:15 1860's Hardshell Cafe
12:00 Molly's

Two opportunities

Steampunk Caroling part one:

Saturday, December 13th
1pm at Jackman's Fabrics
1234 N. Lindbergh Blvd
Creve Coeur, MO 63132

Wear your best Steampunk finery or your most festive holiday gear, or some combination thereof.
Meet in the Sewing Machine Department at 1pm, and we will adjourn to a discreet location to warm up and practice a few carols.
We will then hit the floor singing.

Duration: About an hour.
There is also sales, snacks (cheese, fruit, chocolate, cookies, wine and the like) and a make-it-and-take-it project.

After we wrap up the Jackman's gig, there has been a request in Granite City for carolers. A dear friend of mine is battling cancer for the second time and not doing very well. She requested carolers as her Christmas Wish, so anyone who wants to join in can come with us to sing to her.
Duration: About 20 minutes, not counting drive time.

Steampunk Caroling part TWO!
I'd still like to actually walk around singing, so we're going to go again!

Saturday December 20th (Weather Permitting)
3pm Cicero's on Delmar
Meet up for an appetizer and warm-up. We will then tour up and down the loop singing as we go. We will regroup at Cicero's at the end.
We are not collecting money, we are only sharing Holiday Cheer.
Duration: Maybe 2 hours total?

Reply here and I will contact you with song sheets.

Fa la la la la

I'm still interested in putting together a team of Steampunk Carolers sometime in December. I'm also willing to host a rehearsal if anyone wants to practice songs together first.

Dates that are attractive include:
Friday, December 19th in the evening
Saturday, December 20th either in the afternoon or early evening
Sunday, December 21st in the evening.

Santarchy is going to be on Saturday the 13th, and I have no objection to "crashing into" the santas with caroling Steampunks if I get interest in doing so.

Please respond if you are interested.
Some of you know a friend of mine named Heather. You might know her from Archon, or the goth club, or parties. You might even know that I work with her at Jackman's Fabrics.

She's teaching a class at Jackman's this weekend called Crazy for Cardinals! She's looking for a few more students for this class, as she gets paid based upon the number of people who sign up.

It's a crazy-patchwork pillow with a cardinal on it, in black white and red. This is a perfect gift idea, and she will also discuss multiple ways to finish it such as a pillow, a miniature quilt, etc.
I'd like to point out to local steampunks that crazy-patchwork is a valid Victorian-era art form, and this is how I created my awesome Steampunk Mad Hat, worn at my various tea socials and whatnot.

Here's the link to the website:


There's a photo of the pillow there. It's billed as a "Kids' Class" but Heather is more than willing to take adults and teens in this class.

Let's support our local teachers!

Photo Shoot at the Museum of Transportation

Cross-posted from the Yahoogroup:

We're having a Steampunk Photoshoot at the Museum of Transportation, this Saturday, August 17! Dress up in your Finest Steampunk Gear, come out at 1:30pm, we'll get organize and take our picture with Steampowered things at 2pm! :D We're trying to get the Grandest Steampunk photo for the GISHWES scavenger hunt and Saint Louis Steampunks, you are a dapper lot!

If everyone could bring a couple dollars to Donate to the Museum, that'd be awesome too because yay for the Museum of Transportation!

The Museum of Transportation
3015 Barrett Station Road
St. Louis, MO 63122

I plan to participate, wearing my new-ish Cryptozoologist ensemble. (With new embroidery)

Weird West Lone Ranger

The Time: 3:15pm, Saturday July 13th.
The Place: Creve Coeur Cinema at Lindbergh and Olive.
The Film: The Lone Ranger
Attire: Wear you best weird west and outlaw steampunk gear!

Tickets are only $8. I shall dangle an additional prize: I offer a steampunk'd bowler hat to the finest-dressed attendee.

I suggest that we meet at the Saloon (that is to say, Oberweis Dairy) for a drink before the show. Say, around 2:30?

Your Madame Hostess, Katarina Glockenspiel, would be well-pleased to receive RSVPs.

Heigh-ho Silver, away!

Heigh Ho Silver!

Denizens of the Weird West, let's form a posse and scout out that mysterious masked man!

The way I see it, the only way we have to catch The Lone Ranger is to hit the theaters this Saturday. We have three choices:

AMC Creve Coeur Cinema: 1:30 or 3:15. Tix are 8 bucks.
AMC West Olive Dine-in Cinema: 1pm or 3pm. Tix are 9 bucks. (Yee-Haw Matinee Prices!)

The (wild?) West Olive theater gives us comfy seats and a chance to order food off the menu and kick back with a beer. Or a glass of warm gin with a human hair in it.

Creve Coeur is slightly cheaper with standard movie snacks. Nearby we have Sweet Tomaters, Stir Crazy, Bread Co, Macaroni Grill (For eatin' them fancy eye-talian foods) and Califor-nigh-a Pizza Kitchen.

West Olive is nearby to HuHot, Bubba Tea, some Japanee restaurants and a french cafe called La Bamba. (er, La Bonne Buchee.)

Weigh in on your preferred time and place, and we'll decide tomorrow night.

In the mean time, enjoy my favorite Lone Ranger parody:

A Steampunk Survey!

x-posted from steamfashion on the suggestion of kukla_tko42.

Hello! My name is Amy. I am a fashion/costume student, and I've been lurking this community for a while now. I am currently doing a project on steampunk, and was wondering if any of you would mind answering a few questions for me. Despite having a long held interest, I do not participate in the fashion myself, and so would like some insight from people who do.

This survey is quite long, so don't feel obliged to fill it all out straight away. Thank you for your assistance!
Questions Here!Collapse )