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Some of you know a friend of mine named Heather. You might know her from Archon, or the goth club, or parties. You might even know that I work with her at Jackman's Fabrics.

She's teaching a class at Jackman's this weekend called Crazy for Cardinals! She's looking for a few more students for this class, as she gets paid based upon the number of people who sign up.

It's a crazy-patchwork pillow with a cardinal on it, in black white and red. This is a perfect gift idea, and she will also discuss multiple ways to finish it such as a pillow, a miniature quilt, etc.
I'd like to point out to local steampunks that crazy-patchwork is a valid Victorian-era art form, and this is how I created my awesome Steampunk Mad Hat, worn at my various tea socials and whatnot.

Here's the link to the website:

There's a photo of the pillow there. It's billed as a "Kids' Class" but Heather is more than willing to take adults and teens in this class.

Let's support our local teachers!

Photo Shoot at the Museum of Transportation

Cross-posted from the Yahoogroup:

We're having a Steampunk Photoshoot at the Museum of Transportation, this Saturday, August 17! Dress up in your Finest Steampunk Gear, come out at 1:30pm, we'll get organize and take our picture with Steampowered things at 2pm! :D We're trying to get the Grandest Steampunk photo for the GISHWES scavenger hunt and Saint Louis Steampunks, you are a dapper lot!

If everyone could bring a couple dollars to Donate to the Museum, that'd be awesome too because yay for the Museum of Transportation!

The Museum of Transportation
3015 Barrett Station Road
St. Louis, MO 63122

I plan to participate, wearing my new-ish Cryptozoologist ensemble. (With new embroidery)

Weird West Lone Ranger

The Time: 3:15pm, Saturday July 13th.
The Place: Creve Coeur Cinema at Lindbergh and Olive.
The Film: The Lone Ranger
Attire: Wear you best weird west and outlaw steampunk gear!

Tickets are only $8. I shall dangle an additional prize: I offer a steampunk'd bowler hat to the finest-dressed attendee.

I suggest that we meet at the Saloon (that is to say, Oberweis Dairy) for a drink before the show. Say, around 2:30?

Your Madame Hostess, Katarina Glockenspiel, would be well-pleased to receive RSVPs.

Heigh-ho Silver, away!

Heigh Ho Silver!

Denizens of the Weird West, let's form a posse and scout out that mysterious masked man!

The way I see it, the only way we have to catch The Lone Ranger is to hit the theaters this Saturday. We have three choices:

AMC Creve Coeur Cinema: 1:30 or 3:15. Tix are 8 bucks.
AMC West Olive Dine-in Cinema: 1pm or 3pm. Tix are 9 bucks. (Yee-Haw Matinee Prices!)

The (wild?) West Olive theater gives us comfy seats and a chance to order food off the menu and kick back with a beer. Or a glass of warm gin with a human hair in it.

Creve Coeur is slightly cheaper with standard movie snacks. Nearby we have Sweet Tomaters, Stir Crazy, Bread Co, Macaroni Grill (For eatin' them fancy eye-talian foods) and Califor-nigh-a Pizza Kitchen.

West Olive is nearby to HuHot, Bubba Tea, some Japanee restaurants and a french cafe called La Bamba. (er, La Bonne Buchee.)

Weigh in on your preferred time and place, and we'll decide tomorrow night.

In the mean time, enjoy my favorite Lone Ranger parody:

A Steampunk Survey!

x-posted from steamfashion on the suggestion of kukla_tko42.

Hello! My name is Amy. I am a fashion/costume student, and I've been lurking this community for a while now. I am currently doing a project on steampunk, and was wondering if any of you would mind answering a few questions for me. Despite having a long held interest, I do not participate in the fashion myself, and so would like some insight from people who do.

This survey is quite long, so don't feel obliged to fill it all out straight away. Thank you for your assistance!
Questions Here!Collapse )

Prepare for the Expedition!

Set your time travel devices for 1500s France, and join me in the quaint village of Petit Lyon for a day of frolic and fun!

It's time for the annual Steampunk Expedition to the Renaissance Festival!

If someone needs a discount ticket, let me know ASAP.

We are time travelers, so feel free to "dress like the locals", or to wear your best Steampunk Finery, or an impossibly long scarf. I hear that the pirate quarter has gotten bigger, so perhaps some Airship Pirates might like to come out, as well?

We shall converge this Saturday at the festival. I plan to be there by 11am, and I intend to walk the parade for the benefit of Bast's Garden. After the Parade I propose a meet-up at the Bast's Garden booth.

Annual Time Traveler's Excursion

I propose a Time Traveler's Excursion to Petit Lyon on Saturday, June 2nd at the Greater St. Louis Renaissance Festival. Discount tickets are available and if you need comp tickets, contact me discreetly. I may have some for you.

Who is with me?

I shall be marching in the parade to represent Bast's Garden, so I will likely try to be at the Faire by no later than 11am.

I propose meeting up after the parade at Bast's Garden, as it is in the middle of the Faire.
Time travelers, Steampunk Safari folk, Airship crews, and Mad Scientists: Be there!

--Katarina Glockenspiel

Feeler for event

I'm considering hosting a large-scale tea party with an Eastern Steam theme later this summer. I have discovered an excellent venue for this event, which would allow me to charge a mere $10 for tea which would include a meal, entertainment from the Clockwork Geishas, and perhaps a contest of some kind.

Would the St. Louis Stleampunks enjoy such an event? Are there particular dates that would be conflict-heavy?
Loads of Steampunk Track stuff has been announced over on Kawa Kon's website.  There will be panels on Steampunk Cinema, steam and other sorts of "punk", The Wild Wild West, tea, and prop-making as well as a drawing session (which I believe is in need of models... reply, and I'll put you in contact with Steve Swope).

Friday night of the convention, the Streampunk Track is presenting a concert by The Aeronauts (who are just glorious) with a steampunk fashion show.  The fashion show will take any sort of steam, clock, diesel, or atom punk if you show up 15-20 minutes early to fill out a model form (with info for the emcee to read).  The concert and fashion show start at 8:00 p.m.

Kawa Kon is March 16-18 at the Sheraton Westport Chalet.  It's a lovely hotel with lots of places for good photoshoots.  The Steampunk Track, run by Angela Grewe and Mikhail Lynn, will include the panels mentioned above, a concert and jam session by the Aeronauts, the fashion show, and an ice cream social on Saturday morning complete with Victorian parlor games.

Of course, there's more than just steampunk.  The con has a focus on Japanese culture, including anime and video games.  There are also tracks for dolls, Harry Potter, art and writing, and the apocalypse.

Civil War Submarine!

I saw this article when I got up this morning.

Complete Civil War Submarine Unveiled For the First Time

Of course, my first instinct was to say, "How steampunk is THAT?!?" Some might call it clock-punk, though. In either case I wanted to share.